About - Nathalie Collection

Who We Are!

Nathalie Collection is a handmade brand owned by an African Canadian Fashion Designer who has been designing for more than 10 years. Nathalie Gakwavu designs many different artifacts such as; clothing, handbags, home decors, and accessories. Her mission is to create a lifestyle brand that showcases the beauty of African fashion by merging vibrant African fabrics with “Western” silhouettes to create the “African-meets-Western” look. It is her goal to create a brand that encompasses all aspects of our daily life from casual clothing to nightwear and formal wear. Patterns that have a meaning behind them and cuts that make you feel like a royalty. She believes that wearing good quality unique well made african inspired statement pieces, don't have to break the bank. Step into our world which is full of colours, but not just colour for the sake of it - colour that imbibes the richness of our culture!

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